Saturday, September 7, 2013

INCOCO Nail Applique Review + Giveaway

INCOCO contacted me about reviewing their nail polish strips about a month ago, needless to say I jumped at the opportunity.

These are the three shades I picked.
They also sent me a book with all their shades, a file and orange
stick, nail polish removing cloth and a card.
SHOW OFF is the one I wanted to try first.
You get 16 Real Nail Polish Strips to find the best fit
for your nails and instructions. I recommend watching the HOW TO video.
The after math! I'll add that the little file and orange stick specially, made
it super simple to make sure the strips were a perfect fir.
And here they are, it wasn't hard to apply them to my dominant hand either.
Day 2 and still looking good!
I used the Polish Removal Cloth they sent me and I have to say it being red shocked me.
This works great because it has a texture to it and sort of scrubs the polish away. Any polish remover and cotton will work too, the strips are nail polish after all.
Clean Nails.
Now for the best part the GIVEAWAY!
Rules: Most be following my blog or my IG account @arle_nails
1. Visit the INCOCO website.
2.Find your favorite shade.
3. Write the Name of the shade in the comments.
The Giveaway will end on September 21st.



  1. It's hard to choose just one, but Diamondback Blue caught my eye.

  2. I like Vanishing Act! Fun giveaway!

  3. Lovestruck gradient would be awesome because I am horrible at those. lol Oh and hi Arle! It's Renay from IG@ShopRenay. I've got lots of your Sinful swatches up still. :)