Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nail Care #1

                   Hey guys so I'm finally posting part of my nail care routine. I'll just get to it!

To remove my nail polish I use cotton rounds that I cut in half and for a while now I have stayed away from pure acetone. This brand of polish remover is actually sold at the DollarTree and its awesome. This part is really up to you, whatever you use really tends to have not much of a difference but do keep in mind that pure acetone is very drying.
To file my nails I use these 2 nail files and buffer. This too is up to you, whatever you like and works for you is fine.
This is right after me removing polish and filing my nails down a bit because of a break on my pinkie. Look at how my cuticles they look a bit dry and overgrown but the next step will help with that.
Next step is to push my cuticles back and use the Cuticle Eliminator. Right after I wash my hands and scrub a bit with my Little Panda Brush.
So I put this on and wait 5 secs and them start to push my cuticles back. This stuff is awesome you can find it at Sally's or you can use the one you prefer its up to you. I stoped cutting my cuticles a while back and this bottle has lasted me all this time. At first I would use this like every other day because I was so use to cutting them, but now I only do this once a week or not even.
This is right after washing my hands and scrubbing my nails with the brush. I dont know if the photos really show the difference beteween the before and after.
Now its time for a good rich handcream. This is super importart if you want healty nails and hands. These are some of the ones i use and love.
After applying handcream. So I leave this on for about 2 hours then wipe my nails with alcohol before polishing them.
I really hope this is of some use for you girls. Let me know of anyting you want to know. ASK AWAY.


  1. Great post! :) I love reading nail care posts! I'm so jealous of how lovely and healthy your nails are! :)

    1. Thank you so much, and nonsense you dont need to be jealous your nails are amazing.

    2. Thank you so much, and nonsense you dont need to be jealous your nails are amazing.

  2. Ugh Nivea Soft is so addictive! and I'm sure you heard of the glycerin + acetone thing. It's really helpful, won't dry your skin + nails that bad!