Sunday, February 3, 2013

ETERNAL Fashion Review + JellySandwich Mani

So if you follow me on IG you know that I got 3 ETERNAL Fashion nail polishes yesterday. I found these at Navarro Pharmacy its a Hispanic Store and they were only $1.49! I loved the price but more than anything the colors and the formula, I'll be back there for more very soon. Sadly these babies don't have names but instead and ID # so that's what I'll be calling them.

This is what I use as my base and topcoat when I do my swatching, even sometimes when I do my nails, depends what's closest!(this ColorClub topcoat dries super fast!!)

So here they are, I put their "name" on the caps so you know who is who!
This is the orange/pink goodness of 79E. This polish was almost a one coater and that in itself is a huge plus in my book!(I have 2 coats on) 
Another photo of 79E.
And last one!
This is 13E a loud tangerine almost jelly polish. It went on like a dream and it dries super shinny almost doesn't need a topcoat!( I have on 2 coats)
Another look at 13E.
Now we have 59E, I have to say this is my favorite of the 3! Its a super pale pink jelly with shimmer that is undetected in photos but in person looks amazing!(I have on 3 coats)
Another looks at 59E.
And YES I had to see how a jellysandwich would look with 59E so over it I put 1 thin coat of Trust Fund Baby by Spoiled and then 2 more coats of 59E.
So what do you thing about these? Like any of the colors?

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  1. Just gave away my 'Trust fund baby'.
    I have an Essence one that looks almost the same.
    With the 'Trust fund baby' the clear kept going pink, I think one of the glitters melted...